Beacon Adhesives Glitter It Adhesive, 2-Ounce Inc. GI2OZBBC12

Beacon Adhesives Glitter It Adhesive, 2-Ounce Inc. GI2OZBBC12

  • Add glitter to the inside of any glass or plastic ornament
  • Non-toxic, dries clear and fast
  • Safe fun for children, with easy soap and water clean-up
  • Transforms Glass and Plastic Vases into Glittering Decorative Containers
  • Made in usa
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Beacon's Glitter-It! is the easiest way to add glitter to the INSIDE of any glass or plastic ornament. It transforms clear ornaments into brilliant glittering heirlooms. It's non-toxic, and dries clear and fast for perfect results. Glitter-It! is safe fun for children of all ages. It takes seconds to create a sparkling treasure. A 2oz bottle is enough to transform over TWENTY 4 inch ornaments.

i love this stuff. it coats the inside of glass ornaments better than anything else i've ever used and gives a crystal clear finish for the glitter to sparkle through. i tried mod podge, floor wax sealer, craft glue, polycrylic, nothing worked as good as this. it is pricy, yes, but it is MADE for this very purpose, and is worth every cent.
By SML January 17, 2016
Not a ton to say besides it does what is says and does it well. The bottle is fairly small, but a little bit goes a long way. We were using ours to fill ornaments and then coat them with glitter inside. It is thin enough that we could put in a good squeeze, rolled it around and then easily dump out the excess. This made it much easier for our project than Elmers. It also dried nice and clear so the glitter could shine.
By Maria H December 30, 2015
As advertised, it adds glitter INSIDE any clear glass ornament. This is not for glitter on the outside of things.

I love that I didn't have to use much in order to coat the inside of the ornament. It's going to last a long time. I'm really happy with this glue.
By Catherine Duncan November 25, 2016
I have purchased this multiple times. This is the only product I use for making glitter Xmas ornaments. It holds up the years of time without causing changes to the glitter within the bulbs (both plastic & glass)! Floor wax breaks down over time, this wrecking the ornament. A little goes a very long way!
By NURSE J.J. January 12, 2018
Made plenty of custom ornaments this Christmas for gifts and this worked great to glitter the inside of both glass and plastic ornaments
By Mommyof4 December 30, 2017
I have bought several bottles of this adhesive. I use it to make Christmas ornaments with glitter inside. Does take quite some time to dry, so be patient if you want to do a second coat.
By beth October 22, 2015
This glue made making glitter ornaments for Christmas a joy. Easy to use and beautiful results. Turned ornaments sideways to only glue back half.
By Momma January 12, 2018
Works exactly as it says it should. Be careful, my lid was loose when it arrived, and this isn't "glue" material. It's more watery than it is thick glue. But works wonders!
By OhElleMarie December 23, 2016