Mavalus® Tape 1" Wide x 1" Core (9yrds long) 4 Pack

Mavalus® Tape 1" Wide x 1" Core (9yrds long) 4 Pack

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If you are a teacher, you need this tape! When you are trying to get posters to stick and stay on the walls in your classroom/hallways, teachers have tried every kind of adhesive there is. But this is the ONLY tape/adhesive I have ever found to work really well for the long run. It is a little more expensive than other kinds of tape, but it's totally worth it when you don't have to keep adding more tape to something to get it to stay in place. I lend out my rolls of Mavalus to other teachers, and they immediately ask me where I got it!

If you don't have this tape already, teachers, you need to buy it now! Trust me -- I've been teaching for 20 years!
By Valerie Kenny May 25, 2016
Not as "marvalous" as I had hoped. I have seen this tape get good reviews all over the homeschooling/teacher communities but I am finding that it is having trouble sticking well or for every long in my home. It does not seem to matter the surface either, I have used it on textured wall, untextured wall, dry erase board, glass, etc. and still have problems. I am not in a humid area either.
By minas November 28, 2016
high quality tape to disguise wires. this is expensive tape but also very re-usable, high tack, no residue. When removing, peel very slowly. this ensures no paint peel off. the bond is strong. Better than 3M Painter tape, which is paper based backing. This tape is reenforced fabric. This will be my go to tape for Angus MacGyver solutions. So much for Scotch brand.
By Fritz the Cat February 25, 2017
Greatest tape ever for putting up posters or papers in classrooms with CBS block painted with satin or gloss paint. It comes off cleanly without damaging paint. I wish there was a better way to use it (it is not double-sided) since you use a lot of product when it has to be rolled for taping on the back side of documents/posters. ***Sarah
By GIM June 4, 2016
The best tape in the world. This will hold your poster to the wall & allow you to remove it days later without tearing the wallpaper or Sheetrock. This tape will hold paper on the folding walls we have at church. Haven't found anything else that worked on that texture. When ready to remove your poster there will be no evident that it ever was on the wall. Where has this been all my life? And a little dab will do ya. You can even reuse it, several times before you have to discard it. Amazing!!!
By TravelGirl September 17, 2017
Best product ever !!!!! It works so so well on cinderblock walls at my school, and it doesn’t remove the paint. Best tape for holding on difficult surfaces.
By Vamom February 27, 2018
This tape really is "marvelous" for displaying the work of students and other classroom displays. It is so much easier than 'sticky tack' and much less expensive than the 3M adhesive strips.Easy to use. Works great. I love it!
By Ivy M. Shelton September 24, 2017
Since discovering Mavalus tape, I have used nothing else in the classroom. Buying it this way is cheaper, and I always have it. The local teacher supply store sells it for $5.00 per roll. Worth every penny.
By Teacher September 10, 2016